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Visually alluring: A coffee set from Merdinger.

Visually alluring: A coffee set from Merdinger.  


Gone are the boring melamine dinnerware. Luxury is in, with regal hues, textures and sweeping cuts setting tableware ablaze.

You eat with your eyes first. A truth that whips up an instant appetite for gourmet gospels served up on fancy platters. And why not? Dinnerware has graduated from the boring plain, white, round plates, the durable melamine dishes, cheap and transparent Indonesian crockery and the mauve flower-flecked saucers to elegant new china in textures and hues to flatter every possible cuisine your little heart could possibly desire.

Be posh and privy to the best. With luxe being the catchword in the global economy, regal colours and sweeping cuts are setting tableware ablaze. Admit it, a whiff of royalty is the best thing you could possibly arrange for after personally monogrammed tea bags. With haute home interiors, the luxe dressing for your table comes in the form of floating paisleys, hints of the 1920s and 30s floral and even mirage interpretations. International make Merdinger woos your palate through its latest Arabesque collection, inspired by the desert land. Stylish yet classical forms in clean geometric contours, stemming from treasured flora and fauna of the mirage, span the bewitching range of dinnerware. Each piece is carefully wrought in a fine finish in 18 karat gold, gleaming titanium and fine bone china. Sleek software essay these forms in binary codes, lending a contemporary twist to the traditional.

Classic cuts

You already possess the speciality dishes from Corelle and Mikassa. Now you are looking for hip designer versions that spell sheer sophistication. Exquisite and elegant settings are what you create for a casual Sunday brunch on the sea-facing balcony of your apartment or for an intimate candlelit dinner for two. Make way for Villeroy & Boch, in the Aureus dinnerware and Pegasus Aureus flatware collections. Reminiscent of conjured moments when elves dance on moonlit ferns. This collection plays up on the current trend of clever fusion. Crafted in bone china, Aureus breathes splendour through its celadon complexion, a classic pale greyish green that stands steeped in graceful porcelain tradition in the Far East. Flushed lotus blooms arrange themselves meticulously on the borders of the dishes, with darting flecks of fuchsia, tangerine and sapphire. Pegasus Aureus, as the name belies, stylises the wings of the Greek mythical creature with gold accents. This refined, partially gold-plated cutlery comes with a burnished visage, in keeping with the modish trend of flaunting brushed up accents, even on handles, as a metallic flash.

Traditional speak

The elegance of silverware and the durability of stainless steel make a lifelong unison in the chic designer dinnerware from Magppie. Suave cuts in the metal make dining a stylish affair. The Aristocratic dinner set strikes a traditional ditty through its configuration of 76 pieces. Fit for a king’s lavish feast. For a more compact table setting, there is the Thali dinner set that brings in a litany of small and super-sized bowls in close companionship with the mother plate. What makes this a roaring trend in everyday use is the inclusion of double wall serving bowls that secure the warmth of food and the melee of mini bowls and tumblers in steels as well. New York-based designer Lisa Smith ushers in a delightful fusion of steel with porcelain in the stylish Crescent dinner set. Adding to the tactile experience are the dessert cups in double walled flowing contours to keep cold desserts chilled and the hot sweets sizzling for you.

Eclectic array

The most favoured trend at the moment though is to opt for a freewheeling cosmopolitan mix. Orchid-licked oversized bowls for serving up the dessert, rectangular dishes for the breads, assorted mini servers together with tiny glass-dipping dishes make for an eclectic configuration during meal times. Oval shapes, tear drop forms and wavy contours make a mark on the table when you make use of them together with an earthy palette in stoneware and maybe even eye-shaped quaint dishes to serve up grilled fish in. Sleek, sculpted yet playful. Go for decorative overtones in wine stemmed glasses and bring in a teasing quantum of blue, lime and aqua to add a sense of flourish to the layout on those four legs.

Then go on, experience your food, like the divine.

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