Raising white turkey

This variety is disease resistant and is ideal for backyard farming.  

TURKEY (MELEAGRIS gallopova) meat contains 24 per cent of protein, which is comparatively higher than broiler, pork and beef and have a minerals. The least fat percentage.

They are more disease resistant and needs less care when compared to broilers. They are ideal for any system of rearing.

Marketing age of turkey is 20-24 weeks during which time the torm turkeys (male) will weigh 7-8 kgs and hen turkeys (female) will weigh 4-5 kgs. The white varieties (Beltsville white or Broad breasted white or Holland white) are gaining more popularity.

Feed conversion efficiency is 1:4 and can be reared with compound feed or green fodder or both depending upon the situation and place. Kitchen waste could also be fed to them. Maximum floor space requirement per bid is 4 sq.ft. Turkeys are mainly vaccinated against Ranikhet disease and fowl pox.

Under standard managemental conditions cost of production of one turnkey would be around Rs. 350 with an average body weight of 5 kgs at 20 weeks of age fetching a total income of Rs. 450.

Turkey raising is one of the most popular farming for small and marginal farmers.

S.T. Selvan & P. Ranga Reddy

Poultry Research Station Nandanam, Chennai-600 035