Mango orchard

I am planning to start a mango orchard in about 3 acres in my native lands near Anbil in Tamil Nadu. Can you kindly guide me to some good mango farmers nearby whom I can approach for guidance and help?

G. Desikachari


You can contact Mr. R. Kulandaisamy, a progressive farmer in Thanjavur, for your details. Mr. Kulandaisamy has specialized in grafting some mango varieties in poly bags for 2 years, after which the seedlings can be planted in the main field. According to the farmer commercial harvest can be done from the third year of planting in the main field and by this technique the harvesting time comes down by 2 years compared to regular planting methods. For more details you can contact Mr. R. Kulandaisamy,, website:, mobile: 98430-59117 and 98434-39909.

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