Where to locate the kitchen

As per Vasthu, the correct positioning of kitchen means a lot for the well-being of the women of the household.



PREPARING FOOD is considered to be a very auspicious routine activity in a house. Hence the location of the kitchen in a house assumes great importance.

The main kitchen of a house can be located on the Padas of Parjanyan, Agni or that of Vayu. In other words, a kitchen can be located on the north-eastern, south-eastern or north western corners of the building.

Medam and Edavom Rasis are also auspicious positions of a kitchen. Never position a kitchen on the south-western corner of the building. As per Sastra, the wrong positioning of kitchen may aggravate problems for the women of the house.

For Nalukettus, kitchen must be provided on the eastern or northern salas only.

The Agni corner (south-eastern) of the building is generally the location for kitchen as per Vasthu. This position belongs to Lord Agni (the god of fire). But in Kerala, the north-eastern corner (esa) is considered the prime position for kitchen. This change of position in Kerala is due to its deep `Vaidika' influence.

During the Vaidika period, fire for burning `Havana kunda' was made in north-eastern corner by using `Arani.' The making of first fire for `yajna' can be equated with lighting of hearth in the morning in a house. This along with the climatic condition of Kerala may have prompte Vasthu acharyas to allocate the north-eastern corner of a building for the kitchen.

In Kerala, wind blows from southwest to the northeast, so positioning kitchen in the south-western corner may create problem inside the house.

Here `Agni pada' can be used for locating kitchen if the owner is in the habit of offering `haviss' to the Lord.

For those who are non-vegetarians, they can opt for a north-western kitchen. North-eastern kitchen is an ideal position for vegetarians. In temples, kitchen is commonly called by the name `Thitapally' and is provided at the `Agni pada.'

It is not, however, mandatory that one should cook only vegetarian food in the above positions as Agni can eat anything in the universe irrespective of its nature.

The hearth in the kitchen must be placed in such a way that the person who is using the hearth faces east.

The number of hearths in a kitchen must be one or three. Three hearths represent the place for preparing Nivedya for Deva, Pithru and Manushya.

They can be located on the north-eastern, north-western or south-eastern corners of the building.

The washing place in the kitchen has to be arranged in places other than north-eastern corner. Provision must be provided for keeping electrical cooking apparatus inside the main kitchen including refrigerator. Height of windows for kitchen must be regulated to provide kitchen cabinets.

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