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Chandrashekar Hariharan of Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) & Vice-Chirman - IGBC, Bangalore, spoke to The Hindu-HABITAT to share his views on the existing problems staring at the city and where he has intervened to bring in a difference.

We are sensitive about sharing a river. We gregariously welcome home water-tankers.

We are the lifestyle-conscious Bangaloreans, who understand the water problem of this ever-expanding city like never before.

But are we being tunnel-visioned into meeting our immediate water requirements, while not looking at the dire, dry future?

Here’s a fact. The average water consumption of a Bangalorean per day is 140 litres. The overall supply of water from the Cauvery as well as ground water sources to the city is 1,023 million litres/day (MLD).

The total demand for water in Bangalore is 1,342 MLD. That means 319 MLD less than the requirement or over 22 lakh people without their average quota of water.

The sudden realisation is that you are one among the two million and that’s not a small number to get out of.

The green step

With forethought for the impending ecological disaster, Zero-Energy-Driven (ZED), the market face of BCIL, has been an active crusader in the realm of eco-sustainability. ZED has been redesigning urban living in a way that it addresses problems related to water, energy and waste. All eco-sensitive homes created by BCIL are 100 per cent independent of BWSSB and 70 per cent independent of the power supply board.

Rainwater harvesting, ground-water replenishing and other water conservation methods have made every ZED-home water-positive. The solar-lit residences also enjoy the freedom of power since they not only have stable, pollution-free, home-generated power, but can some day supply back to the grid, in the long run, when the government permits such a regime.

Every ZED home saves 100,000 litres of water a year, and more than 100,000 KWh of power every year. These are not exclusive to ZED homes. Any one of us can future-proof our homes and cut our city some slack by incorporating some of the smart technologies that are easily available with experts.

ZED has been based out of Bangalore since 1994. Every step taken by ZED in its journey of over two decades has been towards restoring the charm and helping the city respond to the challenge of growth. On the eve of World Environment Day it is good enough reason for us to retrospect and redefine Bangalore to make it a livable city.


(This is the introductory column of ‘Eco-Build’ that speaks of individual green initiatives in construction that have made a difference to the neighbourhood. Send in your inputs with details to

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