Tips for home safety

WATCH OUT: Handle appliances with care

WATCH OUT: Handle appliances with care  

Ensure that all sharp tools such as knives, forks and scissors are

kept in a safe place.

Keep glass objects and appliances with sharp blades out of children's reach.

Unplug all appliances when not in use with cords out of children's reach.

Store vitamins, medicine bottles, masalas in high cabinet.

Store matches and lighters in locked cabinet.

Position chairs and step-stools away from the stove.

Store razor blades, nail-scissors and other sharp tools in locked cabinet.

Ensure that electrical outlets have grounded circuit breakers.

Unplug electric razors and hairdryers when not in use.

Get non-skid surface.

Fix electrical switches outside bathroom.

Avoid use immersion heaters as they are dangerous.

Keep bottles of mouthwash, hair dyes and hairsprays out of children's reach.

Keep all tools and supplies gardening, automotive and lawn care units in a safe place.

Keep all hazardous automotive and gardening products in a locked cabinet.

Keep bleaching powder, cleaning powder and detergents out of children's reach.

Cover unused outlets with safety plugs.

Ensure that all major electrical appliances are grounded.

Ensure that all electrical cords in the house are properly insulated (no broken or exposed wiring).

Check and remove other potential electrical fire hazards such as overloaded electrical sockets and electrical wires.

Position TVs, computers and stereo equipment against walls.

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