This building is a winner

NEW LOOK: The exhibition complex of the Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation. — Photo: By Special Arrangement

NEW LOOK: The exhibition complex of the Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation. — Photo: By Special Arrangement  

CPWD buildings are generally drab but not this one

THE CENTRAL Public Works Department has been around for more than a century. It is more known for its prosaic, utilitarian constructions seen across the country. When it wins an award for Excellence in Built Environment from the Indian Building Congress, it makes one want to look at the award-winning edifice.

The Trade Centre, which is a permanent exhibition complex of the Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, is located close to Whitefield. Formally opened almost a year ago, it has come up on 50 acres of land near the Export Promotion Industrial Park and is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions.

One exhibition hall is already being used and three others are to come up. All will be airconditioned. The exhibition hall has a total plinth area of 8374 sq. metres with airconditioned space of 5371 sq. m. Eleven open exhibition halls each of 38 sq. m. have been built around the hall for displaying heavy equipment or to have food courts.

The unique feature of the exhibition hall is the "space frame room" measuring over 10,000 sq. m. and perhaps the largest steel frame in the country. It has been integrated with four geodesic domes and that is the special feature of the building. Each dome measures 18 m by 18 m. The space frame is designed to rest on one central pylon and eight peripheral pylons. The central pylon also houses a hall master room which could be used to control lighting or acoustics.

The entire roof is covered with profiled galvalume sheets, imported from Australia, without any cross joints. All the geodesic domes are covered with glass fibre-reinforced plastic component panels. The space frame itself is classed with aluminium composite panels imported from South Korea for better aesthetics and thermal insulation.

There is a mezzanine floor of 1500 sq. m. which has a conference room for 200 delegates, a lobby, VIP lounge and cafeteria. The external walls of the exhibition hall have quarry-finished granite slabs. Internal walls have all been painted with elastomeric paints.

A service block has been constructed 200 metres away from the exhibition hall in the north-western corner of the campus. This houses all transformers, electricity panels, standby generators, pumps and A/C compressors.

The CPWD Chief Engineer for the region, S.Chinnaswamy, says: "We have scrupulously followed the fire safety regulation and the National Build Code by providing both fire hydrants and sprinklers. Fire alarm and smoke detections systems are provided in the conference hall and other rooms.

There is also a public address system which can be used to summon cars from the parking areas to the entrance.''


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