Shock(ing) treatment

ALL OF us know the difficulties in buying a building or house. But do we know about the specific difficulty in transferring the Electricity Service Connection Account and Deposit amount from the seller to the buyer?

If you purchase a house or building with electricity connection, the Transfer of Electricity connection account to your name is not so easy. The formalities are ridiculously time-consuming. I have purchased a house with vacant land and after registration, the house was inspected by the Sub-Registrar and re-valued. Additional stamp duty was also paid accordingly, and we have received the documents. At the time of registration, other forms like patta, house tax, EB deposit and water connection deposit transfer forms were also signed by both parties and kept with the purchaser.

When I approached the Electricity Board for transferring EB Service Connection and Deposit amount in my name, I lost hopes of getting the same done. I was hesitant to take any further steps to proceed with the formalities insisted by the authorities. I also saw a person there waiting for the past one year to get a similar transfer done.

TNEB gave me a form in which they wanted me to submit the following photocopies of records attested by a gazetted officer or notary public.

1) Municipal tax receipt paid in the name of Purchaser attested by a gazetted officer. 2) Registered documents attested by a gazetted officer. 3) Application by purchaser. 4) EB card. 5) The transfer petition signed by both seller and purchaser. 6) Indemnity bond on Rs.80, non-judicial stamp paper.

The actual deposit amount available with EB is only Rs.550. Is it absolutely necessary to produce tax paid receipt copy and indemnity bond to get transfer of EB deposit amount? Are they linked to one another? TNEB should simplify the procedures to transfer the Service Connection and the sum deposited, in the name of the buyer.

One procedure mentioned here can be considered: Once a property is sold, inter-departmental procedures should enable one to get an official copy of the registered document through Sub - Registrar, along with the original EB transfer application signed by both the parties. On receipt of these documents, the EB should communicate to the buyer to come and sign the records in the presence of their officials and transfer the Service Connection and Deposit.

K. Sabapathy, Lakshmi Nagar, Porur