Sell or buy sites, buildings via e-group

CLICK AND SELL: Prospective buyers browsing a website of the e-group

CLICK AND SELL: Prospective buyers browsing a website of the e-group  

The "sites for sale" section of the e-group, bdasites, has a lot of visitors who check out the flats available for sale and other technical details connected with it

HI! WE have a two-bedroom flat with a car park, freshly painted and ready for immediate occupation in St. Thomas Town, also known as Cooke Town, just 4 km. away from M.G. Road. It is (built on) 1025 sq. ft. (area). (It is a) 2BHK (two-bedroom, hall, kitchen) flat. Considerable woodwork has already been done. We expect a price of Rs. 25 lakhs. If you want details pls call me on mobile no... .

Dealing directly saves you time, not to mention brokerage.

This is one of the messages posted recently in the "sites for sale" section of the e-group, bdasites on the MSN portal. To this, someone else has sought clarifications thus: "How old is the flat? Can you tell me about the type of flooring, quality of bathroom fittings etc?" This discussion goes on till the person who posted the original message sells the building and informs the e-group as such.

Over the years, several thousands of Bangaloreans have become members of this e-group. At any given point of time, a few members would have put their sites or buildings for sale and other members who are keen to invest reply. A message posted recently runs like this:

"Anyone has any idea about layouts/BDA sites/private properties (sites) in the range of Rs. 350-Rs. 500 per sq. ft. in and around ITPL (Information Technology Park Ltd), Hebbal, Electronics City, Bannerghatta Road? I will appreciate your replies."

To this, nine members have replied. One of them has given a list of several developers on Bannerghatta Road, Chandrapur Circle who offer the rates ranging from Rs. 350 to Rs. 425. But another member warns that one of the developers quoted here is known to have cheated Bangaloreans. Another members offers a site for Rs. 500 a sq. ft. near Electronics City.

Those who have purchased sites at Rs. 350 a sq. ft. have announced it for the benefit of other members. Here is an example: "I bought a BMRDA approved site near the proposed Hi-Tech City and I paid Rs.350 sq. ft. My cousin purchased last month and she paid close to 380 sq ft. The area is good and all papers are in order. The project is called ... you may contact the developer at ... "

Some members even put up photographs of their buildings so that others get a feel of it. If they like it, then they can visit the buildings or sites.

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