Pump out your water troubles

As the vertical growth of city continues, lifting water to upper floors and overhead tanks is one thing that needs to be factored out. Whether lifting water from the sump or a well, one needs to check different pumps and submersibles available in the market and also seek advice before settling for one.

From leading brands to the ones made locally, the market is flooded with pumps of different capacities from self-priming mono-set to centrifugal jets. There is one for every requirement but all that is needed is a bit of verification and enquiry. Brands such as Crompton Greaves offer an entire range of pumps for domestic purposes. For sumps, there are mini-mono blocks and for borewells, there is a range to pump water from different depths. Jet pumps that comfortably draw water up to 250 feet or so come at around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 while for those needing to go further down, the submersible range starts from around Rs.8,000. The prices might vary for different brands and the local ones come at a still cheaper price. There are models for open wells too. There are also models that occupy minimum floor area.

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