Of fish tanks and financial stability

Is it okay to keep a fish tank in the drawing room? Are there any limitations on placing the fish tanks? Please advice.

K.S. Murthy, Indiranagar.

You can comfortably place it against the north wall, more towards the east of the drawing room without going to the extreme corner. Fish activate water and this can contribute to stability in finances.

What is the ideal place for toilet in a building? Is it correct to say that it should be at an elevated level if it is in the northwest? If it is in the devamoole (northeast) what are the remedies? Please advice.

Venkatesh Joshi, J.P.Nagar 5th Phase.

Northwest or southeast of a room or the building are recommended for bathroom-cum-toilet. If just a bathroom (snana grha) is required, it can be in the east. If there is a toilet in the northeast, relocate it to the northwest or southeast.

I have newly moved into a east-facing house in Chunchaghatta, off Kanakapura Road. The kitchen is situated in the northwest. We face either to west or south while cooking. Is it all right? If not, is there any simple solution?

Gopalakrishna Hampiholi, Chunchaghatta, Kanakapura Road.

A kitchen in the northwest is approved. We suggest you have the cooking platform to the east of the kitchen with the cooking or the microwave stove to the southeast.

Is it okay for to keep images of gods and goddesses in the bedroom?

Jayasree Murty, Ulsoor.

Casual placement of photos of gods in bedrooms is alright. But if you are performing puja to the deities in the photos, it is improper. If it is casual placement, take care to see that your feet (while you lie on the bed) do not point to the wall which has the photos.

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