For puja room, pick east

I bought a square shaped plot measuring 267 sq. yd. near Rethi Bowli and we are planning to construct a two-storied house in a couple of months. We are in the process of getting plans prepared by an architect. Before that, I want some doubts clarified as per vastu.

The plot is West-facing and we have decided to build a puja room on the ground floor. Please suggest which corner should we locate the puja room. And also advise on where to have the bathroom in a house that is West-facing. We have been told that the sump should be in the South-East corner. Is it right?



Our panelist Dr. K. Chandramouli Reddi, Vastu expert answers:

You can locate the Puja room on the eastern side of the house in a square room. Fix a big window on the eastern side for better concentration.

You can attach the bathroom to your bedroom. An attached bathroom is considered as a part of a bedroom. So the bathroom and bedroom should be rectangular or square shaped. Location of the sump in the southeast corner is not proper. Please plan it in the northeast quadrant.

Title deed

I was married at the age of 16 years and lived with my husband and in-laws in a joint family for four years. We had two daughters before my husband was murdered. The case was not pursued by my in-laws and my parents due to financial reasons and was later closed. I returned to my parents house with my daughters and lived with them for nearly 10 years and educated my children working as a domestic help.

In 1996, my father-in-law in presence of panchayatdars and witnesses drew up a partition deed settling his property between his two sons, the elder being my husband. As my husband was no more, a vacant house site was settled in my name to bring up my children and perform their marriage. Though the partition was not equal, I had to accept the same in view of lack of support.

My father-in-law also gave Rs. 10,000 and promised he would give 25 per cent of the gratuity he is likely to receive on his retirement. This deed was not registered but was signed by all concerned. Later, though he received the gratuity, the promised share was not given to me.

On the site given to me, I had put up two small rooms. Now the site value has appreciated much, and when I tried to dispose it off, interested buyers are insisting on signature of my father-in-law on the deed. Ironically, my father-in-law is demanding 25 per cent of the sale proceeds to sign the deed. The party who sold the land to my father-in-law had given a general power of attorney duly registered and I am in possession of the document. Also, I have been living on the site and house for about 13 years now paying house tax, water tax and electricity bills and receipts are in my name.

Kindly clarify how good is my title to the site and structures on it to deal with as my own. Whether I can sell the property without concurrence of my father-in-law, not agreeing to any of his demands?



Our panelist K. Ravinder Reddi, advocate answers:

The deed referred by you executed in 1996, as per the contents mentioned by you, appears to be Memorandum of Partition. Since you are in possession of the property for the last 13 years supported by other documents, you have perfected your title and you can deal with it in any manner. If any person disputes your title, you have to seek declaration from a Civil Court. You are advised to consult a legal practitioner for appropriate steps.


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