Bringing urban planning to schoolchildren

By the year 2020, Gen Z will be all set to take over the world. When they face challenges in their paths, will they able to convert them into opportunities? They need better roads, upgraded transport facilities, well connected cities, etc.

Future Sake, a student-centred learning programme, focuses on building a sustainable habitat and educating students on urban planning, environment conservation, and sustainable development.

While the government and society are busy developing smart cities, Worldview, a group of young leaders is focusing on building a smarter future for Gen Z, with the help of schools. They have launched Future Sake in more than five cities in the country and have so far trained 400 students. All the students are aged below 17 years. They engage the school students in various projects, including case studies, travels, and knowledge implementation. The programme is a multi-stage process which begins with a close study of human behaviour and their effect on environment and the problems caused.

The students are taken on an expedition either to Singapore or San Francisco or even the local organic farms where they are encouraged to study the back end of the cities and find out how these places have addressed issues such as waste management, water management, land use, mobility, and energy. The students also get an exposure to green architecture and urban biodiversity. Through these travels the students are encouraged to come up with creative ideas that they can implement in their neighbourhood. “The main aim is to help the students come up with innovative and suitable ideas to implement in their own community and environment based on the concepts followed in Singapore and exposing them to how well a community-based or a school-driven engagement can work,” said Sampreeth Reddy, Managing Director and CEO of Worldview.

“Students find it difficult to address the problems by themselves. Hence, giving them a live example will trigger action and will also give them an inspiration and a better understanding of the benefits that they'll earn if the problems are solved in their environment,” added Aditya Soma, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Worldview.

“The programme is jointly done with the support of various schools across the country, which will also enable them to use the campus resources to address these issues. It is important for the young generation to focus on sensitive issues like these and not just giving them classroom education. We have also had a group of students from Coimbatore and Trichy,” said Sampreeth Reddy.


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