Brand your home

In a consumerist society, brand names rule the roost. The concept is slowly catching on in house construction too. About a company that builds branded homes for its clients.

BRAND NAMES have pervaded almost all aspects of our personal lives. Be it the dress we wear, the food we eat, the gadgets we purchase - almost everything.

Even among property developers, the concept of brand names has come to stay. But, what about a branded name for an independent house you own?

Well, that is what Apple is now popularising. Calling themselves Apple a Day Properties Private Limited, a Kochi-based company, which has been into the construction business for the last 10 years, has started popularising the concept only recently.

"We do everything for an individual who wants to own a home, either on his land or our land. We either provide a design to choose from or make a separate design to suit the needs of the customer. We take care of all the documentation, obtaining sanctions required from various Government agencies and so forth," says Rajeev Kumar Cheruvara, director of Apple.

All these services are done in exchange for fixing a brand symbol on the door or the wall where the owner's name or the name of the house is usually displayed.

With the ever-increasing demand for housing, it seems to be a concept that has the potential to catch on.

While buying a villa or a flat, you have what the builder is offering. Here you have a builder who is coming to build a home for you in exactly the way you want it to be built. "It is not like taking a contract, though," clarifies Mr. Cheruvara.

"The biggest advantage for our customers is on cost and time," says Mr. Cheruvara.

"We build a house by sourcing materials at the cost of a builder, whereas a contractor will not be able to give their clients that kind of an advantage."

A house can be constructed in four to six month's time, says Mr. Cheruvara. "We have a team of workers and contractors, who undertake the work for us." The clients also do not have to bother about shelling out funds every now and then.

A fixed per cent of payment is required at the completion of each stage of the house.

The first instalment can be given at time of laying the foundation, the second at the time of roofing and so on.

For Apple Homes, the company gives a guarantee too. Just like the guarantee given for a consumable durable item. There is a 20-year guarantee for the structure and free service for a year. Changing taps or plugging any leaks or any other plumbing problem or electrical fault — such as those associated with switches or fans are at taken care of at the company's cost.

Not to disappoint clients who are particular about building their homes with a perspective on Vasthu, Apple offers such facilities too. Vasthu experts are at hand to design the house and before starting the project, the company arranges for the Bhoomipuja too.

"We have started about six to seven projects after we launched the brand concept about two years ago. These include commercial complexes and villas. We are planning to build 100 branded homes this year," said Mr. Cheruvara. There are already 20 projects on hand, he adds. Building independent houses are quicker than constructing an apartment complex, which is more time consuming, he says.


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