It's about acceptance



Some will comment on transgenders. Some will feel sad , when they think about their situation.

No one understands the pain when it happens to someone else. That pain can only be felt when it happens in our family or our close relative.


Once the truth is known, they are usually forced to leave the family . They have rights but are not recognised by Indian law.

This denies them the right to vote, right to own property, right to marriage, right to claim formal identity through any official document such as passport or driving license.

No services

Accessing healthcare, employment and education becomes almost impossible. Even getting movie tickets is difficult for them.

In the face of such odds they are forced to earn money in any way they can. They are forced to beg in public places.

So the government should provide employment opportunities to them.

They are also human beings. People should treat them as human beings. We should not deny them life.


The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University

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