Cricket in the gully

Game for all: Street cricket. Photo : S.Kannan

Game for all: Street cricket. Photo : S.Kannan  

Spiralling back to the past, I remember, as a kid, playing gully cricket.

Gully cricket is not uncommon these days.

Age no bar

Strolling over to a nearby park in the afternoon, you will find lots of young lads and even middle-aged men playing gully cricket during the weekends, enjoying the game.

And in the evenings, regular walkers come to the park and the game has to come to a close.


Cheap tennis balls, light-weight willow bats specially made for tennis balls, small betts and made-up rules and regulations have made Gully cricket all the more interesting. It must be given credit for helping an individual to adapt to real life!

With the changing scene, the individual tries to adapt to different situations .

Gully cricket teaches one self-sacrifice, confidence, co-operation, team work as well as group discussion.

Peace and relaxation is what you get from the game, a boon to the boys.

s.zulfikar ahmed, Final year B.Tech

Panimalar Engineering College.

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