Beautiful monsters

THRILLER Mythological characters rule the fictional world now. This story is about the struggle between the Angelologists and the hybrid creatures called Nephilim.

Danielle Trussoni's Angelology is a thrilling epic about a long fought war between a hidden society and heaven's darkest creatures. Evangeline is a nun at St. Rose Convent and her world revolves around her daily prayers and carrying out the duties assigned to her. She had no idea why her father had left her at the convent to become a nun nor did she know the whereabouts of her grandmother.

Everything about her parents' past including the truth about her mother's death was hidden from her. But when Sister Evangeline turns 23, the mysteries of her past begin to surface.

Search for truth

One day the convent gets a request from a man named Verlaine for access to St. Rose's library which possesses priceless information about angelic literature and various artifacts. This sets off Evangeline on the search for the truth and finally she finds out about her parents and her past. She learns that she belongs to a lineage of Angelologists who have dedicated their lives for the sake of humanity. When she finally meets her grandmother, Gabriella, she comes to know about the exact objective of their mission along with the struggles that their group had overcome to stay alive.

Exciting read

The war between the Angelologists and the Nephilim dates back to many centuries. The hybrid creatures known as ‘Nephilim' are beautiful, iridescent monsters, who want to enslave humanity. With shimmering golden skins and vast white wings sprouting from their backs, they share the traits of angels as well as humans. The struggle that ensues between the Angeologists, headed by Gabriella and the Nephilim, backed by Percival Grigori forms the crux of the story.

Trussoni has taken great care to explain the manner in which the Nephilim were born. The imprisonment of the disobedient angels in the deep cavern and their struggle for freedom give the story an interesting twist. The search for the lyre, which has the power to alter the way of the world, either rejuvenate or destroy, makes us think about the main difference between good and evil.The expeditions to the Devil's Cavern are a reader's delight.

The characters and their transformations over a period of time have been etched to perfection including the changes in their objectives and thought process. The references to ancient texts and the minute details about the various events that took place many centuries ago are awe inspiring.

Angelology is an excellent journey laced with all the twists and suspense that one expects from a thriller and we hope that a sequel will also be coming out in the near future!!

Anvesh G., III Year, RMK College of Engineering and Technology

Title: AngeLology Author: Kate Mosse Publisher: Penguin Price: Rs. 499

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