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Budding talent: State player Sanhitha (left) at one of the school tournaments.

Budding talent: State player Sanhitha (left) at one of the school tournaments.  

Gear Innovative International School, located off HSR Road, boasts of sports talents who have brought laurels not only to the school but to the State as well. Sanhitha Purushottam, like other Gear students, was introduced to basketball when she was in Class I. Ms. Sanhitha's interest in basketball grew when she was selected to represent the school in Class 7. Since then, she has been part of the State girls' basketball team.

“She is a role model for any aspiring basketball player. She, as a person and as a player, is positive. Sanhitha is quick in assessing the opponents and planning her strategy,” says M. Srinivasan, founder chairman of Gear. Sanhitha, now sixteen-years-old, says she is grateful to her coach, her parents and school for all that she has achieved. “I am also mentoring my younger brother to make him an outstanding basketball player,” she says.


Pavan Shiralagi was introduced to chess by his father Kumar Shiralagi, who is also a FIDE-rated player. What started as “a game together” became his interest after he joined Gear. Faculty member Karthik Shetty taught him the nuances of the board game, which was part of the school programme. His present coach, Gavi Siddiah, is shepherding his game to a new dimension. He also has a strong mentor and coach in Chennai, T.J. Suresh Kumar, who helps Pavan regularly in person and online. The fourteen-year-old has many achievements to his credit. He received the FIDE ranking within six months of participating in open FIDE chess tournaments. His present ranking is 1500. Besides, he has won prizes at State and at the national level,and recently won the first prize at the Kandy FIDE-rated tournament in Sri Lanka in the under-15 category.


A basketball and a chess champ talk about their game

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