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Magical moments: The complete Harry Potter series at Varun's bedside

Magical moments: The complete Harry Potter series at Varun's bedside  

It had been months since Shobha saw her 14-year-old son Varun smile so brightly, she says. Varun has chronic renal failure and is in constant pain. But a few days ago, a little wish fulfilment seemed to make all the difference, lifting his spirits even if for a short while.

A volunteer with Make A Wish Foundation gifted him the complete series of Harry Potter books — something Varun has always wanted. Make a Wish Foundation fulfils the little desires of children of aged three to 18 who live with life-threatening illnesses such as HIV, haemophilia, thalassemia and cancer.

And this is just one among the 500 dreams that the Bangalore division has fulfilled. The other's being a fish bowl with a gold fish, a doll, a kitchen set, carom boards, a cycle, a visit to the Mysore Palace and a visit to the Cubbon Park to ride the toy train. The programme is volunteer-based: volunteers meet the children, interact with them, identify their wishes and go about trying to create a most memorable moment.

The process is methodical. Hospitals, doctors, clinics, blood banks and other such health institutions refer the children to the foundation. The referring medical practitioner signs the reference form after the parents give their consent and then the wish identification process is taken up.

The foundation maintains a “pending wish list” and the donors can “adopt” wishes.

The wishes are identifiable in four categories: “I wish to have, I wish to see, I wish to be and I wish to meet”. Most wishes are of the category “I wish to have”.

(All names have been changed)

Sukrita K.

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