Are we back home in Kolkata, or what!

Fancy Something ‘Fishy': There's more than meet's the eye at Bengaliana resturant at Koramangala. — Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

Fancy Something ‘Fishy': There's more than meet's the eye at Bengaliana resturant at Koramangala. — Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy  

The Ghoshs have made it their life's mission to serve up authentic Bengali cuisine to all those who crave it in the city, be it Bengalis, Oriyas or those with a yen for fish in mustard oil.

So, a visit to S.K. Ghosh and Sujatha's Bengaliana will take you back to the threshold of a Bengali home with Sukumar Ray's (Satyajit Ray's father) pictures adorning the wall alongside photos displaying food and sayings in Bengali. Old Calcutta comes alive in black and white — typical scenes of the tram, the Victoria, Howrah bridge, and other pencil sketches .

Mr. Ghosh launched Bengaliana in 2004 and it is now a runaway successthanks in part to cooks who have been spirited away from Kolkata and Orissa to the city.

Besides food, the hotel shows classic Bengali films during special occasions like Durga Puja and New Year. The movies are also screened once a month alongside a buffet.

The hotel's clientele include techies, students and families, a majority of them from Kolkata, northeast and Orissa. Mr. Ghosh claims the fish-curry-rice (rohu/katla fish in a simple curry made of onion, tomato, ginger and spices) is the all-time favourite. For that matter, on weekdays they serve six varieties of fish and on weekends 12.

Bhetki paturi (bhetki fish flown in from Kolkata cut into pieces and marinated with special spices for two hours) is baked after wrapping it in banana leaves. The gravy is thick and best eaten with white rice.

Pabda and parshe jhal (a single fish fried and cooked in special spices along with mustard) is worth a special mention.

Those who prefer mutton can try the mutton kosha (mutton cooked in different spices for an hour and marinated) with luchi parathas (soft and tasty) or the Bengali pulav (basmati rice, khaju, raisins) which is spicy.

The non-veg thali is also a good package served with white rice, a bowl of dal, vegetable curry, aloo potol, dalna, sukto (seven vegetables including bitter gourd), dhoka dalna (two dals are grounded to paste and made into cubes, fried and added to the gravy).

For dessert, try the pineapple or mango chutney, or the all-time favourites such as .malpav, rosogulla and mishti doi.

Contact Bengaliana at Ph: 9845366458.

M.V. Chandrashekar

Smell, eat and imbibe the essence of ‘old Cal' at Bengaliana

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