Zen upcycling

Today, recycling of old fabrics is haute. In line with this, Delhi-based fashion journalist and designer Sathya Bhavana, creates new forms from old clothes that her clients give her — old handwoven saris find new life as scarves, stoles, kaftans, and capes.

Through her over-a-year-old label ReVastra, she also makes new saris using the borders of an old one, accentuating it with textile-art and appliqué.

A lot of her designs are made in collaboration with the girls at Kamalini, an NGO in Sohna. Here, Bhavana also offers training in the nuances of textile art. For appliqué, she collaborates with craftsemen in Pipli.

Zero wastage, the principle that’s at the core of the slow-fashion movement, stands out in ReVastra’s upcycling process. Bhavana ensures any ‘waste’ , is used to make flowers or origami accents.

Bhavana looks East for her influences, drawing from Zen mindfulness, and the style of Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who is known for his micro-pleats and origami fashion. She is also influenced by Vedic fashion, where the upper and lower garments are tied, and not buttoned. ReVastra’s clothes have no hooks.

In April, Bhavana participated in Safed, a textile installation at the IGNCA, making art out of a recycled sari, which will travel to New York and London later this year.

Attend their workshop1 Sari + 2 Souls = 3 Styles Stories; 11am - 5pm, We Work, 32nd Milestone, Gurugram; +91 99101-02316.

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