Youth speak

Ramya Gopal: Twenty is the right age to be initiated into the Art of Living. It helps you take the right decisions. You don't waste your energy and time on unproductive things. After the course, arranging and handling a client meeting at work (Ernst and Young) feels simpler and easier. Mukund Lalchand : Coming from a well-to-do business family, you name it (brawls, pubbing and partying) and I have done it all. Post-Art of Living, my life took a 360-degree turn. I realised how much I was missing out on the real goodness. Today meditation matters to me as much as money (he trades in shares and real estate). And I am hooked to bhajans as much as the blues. Bharathi: I have put my software skills to better use by working for the Art of Living Foundation. I handle the foundation's website besides being a coordinator for various educational and social projects. What's special about Guruji? An endearing smile and a reassuring presence.