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LOOK INTO MY EYES Nagarjuna and Nayantara in their forthcoming movie Boss

LOOK INTO MY EYES Nagarjuna and Nayantara in their forthcoming movie Boss  

Actress Nayantara talks movies, co-stars and of course about Simbu with Y. SUNITA CHOWDHARY

She's slim, she's tall. She's got tresses and a figure that would make anyone go va-va-voom. And her latest claim to fame is a substantial role in Nagarjuna starrer Boss. For Nayantara, Telugu cinema is not the eventual destination. "I rejected Rajkumar Santoshi's film because I couldn't make up my mind. And too many things happened after Chandramukhi released and finally the project didn't move. Moving base to Mumbai and working in Hindi films is not all that easy. I am open to Hindi films but again that depends on one's comfort level. Right now I'm busy and completely dedicated to my work here."The gorgeous lady never walked the ramp nor did she anchor any shows but has worked a few moons now... Lakshmi being her very conventional start here and her previous work Gazini and Chandramukhi had opened up a world of opportunity for her. Acting happened by chance but now with all her energy focussed on Telugu films, she hopes to make the best of good fortune that's come her way. Ask about her not being too happy with her role in Gazini she says, "Yes, it's true. That's not how I wanted it to be. The film became popular in Telugu but in Tamil I wasn't happy at all. It's unfortunate and I have nobody to blame except myself for committing to that project. Chandramukhi is a milestone in my career but again I can't rest on my past laurels. You are as good as your last film here."Nayantara says there is nothing wrong in playing item numbers and finds it a very happening thing. "The producers and distributors feel you are worth the money, the audience loves to see you, there is so much craze and popularity and money not withstanding, you'll notice that most of these item songs are done by popular actresses. You have repeat crowds because of these songs. I'm open to it any day."The actress says she finds the intense focus on her relationship with her co-star Simbu very bugging but agrees it's all a part of the show. And her views on marriage, does she still consider men unfaithful? "I remember the interview I gave during my third film. I maintain that most men are not honest and they find it very easy to cheat on their spouse. I said I'd rather stay single than marry and get into a troubled relationship."

Simbu is special

Is she in love with Simbu? "I'm tired of clarifying this time and again. Simbu is very close to me and he's a very good friend. The understanding between us is very deep. We don't go out and if we do, it is with a group of friends. He's a very special person to me and that's all I can say. It's not even love." But is this friendship going to lead to the altar? "How can I say? I don't know about the future." And finally ask her about the famous lip-locking scene with Simbu? "Did you see the poster? Well, they approached me with the script and narrated the story to me. The smooching scene was very essential for the story and after going through the entire story session I felt they were justified in asking me to do it. Now the next thing I notice is, it's been blown out of proportion." But is she going to repeat the act with another star? "Com'on, I'm not Emraan Hashmi. I will not do it with anyone else. Smooching your co-star is a big thing, you can't keep kissing each and everyone. You have a reputation plus once you repeat it, the importance of that particular scene in thefilm vanishes... "

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