Winning waltz

Farha Khan

Farha Khan  

FARAH KHAN has had the leading lads and ladies dancing to her tune. After the mega success of her directorial debut, Main Hoon Na, she has the box office dancing to her tune as well. Though she says she is phasing out her choreography assignments, she shares six essentials that one must have to dance your way into people's hearts

Good dancer: that is the basic criterion!

Passion: You might be the best dancer but if you do not like what you do, then you will leave the viewer cold.

Facial expression: You might not be the best dancer, but if you can convey through your expression, then you carry the audience along. Shah Rukh Khan is not considered a great dancer, but when you watch him, you feel he is the greatest dancer.

Discipline: Should be willing to work hard, come on time and not crib about repeating a step.

Should not cry when I shout: It ruins the make up and I feel terrible and feel like crying.

Abandon: Cannot afford to be self conscious about your skirt flying or your neckline plunging. Just concentrate on dancing well and no one is going to look at your hemline; they are going to watch your performance.

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