Will she, won't she?

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (Hindi) Cast: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra Dir: David Dhawan

GOOD OLD David Dhawan! Now older than he was when he spun films like Aankhen and Biwi Number One and had the frontbenchers, and those who sit elsewhere but secretly share the taste, in splits. He is still good. Not as good, but he is getting there. With Mujhse Shaadi Karogi he is close to the form he enjoyed when he gave us those outrageously loud comedies.

Prudes be damned, the connoisseurs can go take a walk, here is a man who makes no secret of his target audience and then goes the whole hog, appeasing the vanity of the lowest common denominator. He does it again by coming up with a film that expects you to leave logic in the garage and launch into an overdrive on the entertainment highway, enjoying plenty of jigs, jives and gags along the way.

There is a story, if you insist. Set in Goa with plenty of babes and brutes, it has the time-tested formula of two guys and one girl. Salman as Sameer loves Rani, played by Priyanka. There is a hitch. There is Akshay's Sunny too. Both the men indulge in such buffoonery that if you are not accustomed to Dhawan's way of filmmaking, you would probably walk away in disgust. And if you are, then you will probably sit back and enjoy every moment of one-upmanship between the two. While one can paint the canvas, touch the strings of a guitar and send lovely gifts on the girl's birthday, the other does not mind taking credit for all this! However, none of this mischief drama is in the least subtle or sober. It is as over the top, with no holds barred, as is Dhawan's wont.

Veterans back

Besides two men who cannot speak a word in edgeways, and a heroine who walks the tightrope between the two with all the revealing outfits she dons with great zest, the film marks the return of sorts for old-timers Shashikala and Kader Khan, who give great company to the likes of Amrish Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Supriya Karnik.

While Shashikala plays the all powdered hair grandma to Salman, Kader is a landlord who gives the same room on rent to the two heroes. He has Karnik and Puri for neighbours - while one seems to be old for a few decades, the other one can probably remain young for another decade! Yes, there is Yadav in a double role, now an astrologer, now a gangster, both with his trademark humour, that is distortion of face, slipping, sliding and colliding with the strong! With such casting, and music that drops in like a bombshell, the film is a blast for those who expect nothing in terms of nuances from their director. But then, when was attention to detail the hallmark of a Dhawan film?

Hence, we have Salman's devout Hindu taking recourse to Jesus Christ for succour, we have Priyanka who can drive a car but cannot afford the fee of Rs.20,000 for a show, and Akshay Kumar who lands paragliding but does not have money to pay the room rent!

However, despite all the bloomers, there are plenty of laughs along the way, and only a bit of forced humour. The lead characters sail through their role with a modicum of interest, and but for a contrived end, all is well.


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