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COMFORT MEETS STYLE A creation at Mothercare

COMFORT MEETS STYLE A creation at Mothercare  

No more sloppy salwar suits or husband's oversized tees. Today's mothers-to-be are getting fashion-conscious and sporting the bump in style!

If you thought maternity and style were two words that don't go together, it's time to think again. Today, being pregnant doesn't mean going around in contour-less kurtas or husband's oversized tees. The options are undoubtedly limited. But mindsets have changed and fashion-conscious women are making an effort to sport the bump in style.In just six years, between her first and second pregnancies, Sushma Goel has noticed that it has become fashionable to look trendy during those thirty-odd weeks. Says the city-based entrepreneur, "I remember using salwar suits with huge dupattas to camouflage my middle. Now, things have changed. Looks do matter. I've realised that you can go for bump-friendly clothes that look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable at work."Designer Tina Vincent, who specialises in plus size outfits says, "Thinking has changed over the years. Unlike in the past, designers today have women coming to them for custom-made maternity wear. In fact, a style-conscious woman asked me to design a short skirt for a New Year party. And (gasp) she looked good despite her rotund middle. I created it in such a way that the size can be readjusted once she delivers!"But unlike in the West where you can go Net-shopping, get stuff off the racks at stores or even rent clothes (yes, it's done — as a package or as single pieces for occasions), the choice here is much less. It still is an effort to go around looking for clothes in free sizes or find designers who can create made-to-measure clothes at an affordable price. After all, what's the point in investing so much on clothes that you need only for a few months?That's precisely why Sandhya Sainath, a mother-to-be has asked her tailor to sue some loose-fit salwar suits. "It's loose, but not shapeless. I've gone for comfortable fabrics and flowing silhouettes to see me through a hectic work day," she smiles, and hastens to add, "These days, nobody is going to excuse you just because you are pregnant."


For those looking for something that's stylish, yet not over-priced, there's Mothercare's line. Having started operation in the city at T. Nagar, Mothercare stocks a complete range of maternity wear that blends contemporary style with traditional comfort. Commenting on the upswing in demand for maternity wear, Rajiv Nair, customer care associate and business head, Mothercare, says, "The general feeling is that women are not fashion-conscious during pregnancy. But our feedback has proved otherwise. At Mothercare, trials are conducted on live models. So naturally, the range emphasises on wear-abililty and elegance. Even the hanger appeal is taken into account! There are over-the-bump and low-waist styles for work and leisure. The `Moda' line features anything from jeans and smocked blouses to cargos and wrap shirts. Smart pin-striped trousers and long tops make stylish formals. All the clothes have been designed to specific needs."Maternity wear still remains a niche segment. But that doesn't mean women don't think style when the stork comes visiting. As Leena Menon, advertisement professional, rightly points out, "Women are looking for trendy clothes for the trimesters. In fact, I recently had a friend order for tees with catchy words like `No longer childproof' and `baby under manufacture!' Such tees are available in the West, and look the craze has caught on here too."T. KRITHIKA REDDY

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