When tradition goes modern

Sporting a new look Karalkada

Sporting a new look Karalkada  

Karalkada has got a new collection for the festive season, reports Shilpa Nair

Karalkada. Off-white, off-white and gold, gorgeous mundu-neriyathu sets and saris are just some of the things that come to mind. However, it is time to make some modifications to those images, add off-white and silver and more colour.

ONAM FARE Revel in the festive season

ONAM FARE Revel in the festive season  

To coincide with the festive season, Karalkada has launched a new collection called `White Gold' and its own range of silk saris, `Karalkada Silks.' The masterpiece, however, is the `White Gold' collection. Along with the traditional off-white and gold, there is the latest off-white and silver combination that is eye catching.

Traditionally gold zari is associated with mundu-neriyathu (set-mundu) and veshtis and it may be hard for most people to imagine silver zari in place of the gold, but they are in for a pleasant surprise. The collection is a treat for the eyes. Gold and silver zari have been combined, with Puliylakara.

The set-mundu retains it traditional look and yet looks modern at the same time. The neriyathu saris in this collection too are aesthetically designed. These are in cotton and tissue as well.

The tissue saris with silver zari are unique, so are the tissue saris, which are a combination of gold and silver zari. These cost around Rs. 5,000. Some of these saris have been embellished with sequins.

As part of the White Gold collection, there are cotton neriyathu saris as well with pallavs that have interesting motifs such as peacocks, birds and flowers. The saris come in combinations of silver zari and colours as well. The prices of the neriyathu saris start at around Rs. 350, and can go up to Rs. 20,000.

Set-mundu too is available with silver zari, and so are veshtis for men.

Prices for veshtis with silver border start at Rs. 250 and set-mundu, Rs. 350.

Neriyathu saris, in traditional off-white have coloured borders and blouses.

Mundu-neriyathu with colour blouses attached to the set too are available. For instance a set with a red border will have a red blouse.

Another design detail that has been added to these saris is that the pallavs have bands or stripes of colour or gold, which retain something of the kara of the mundu-neriyathu (set-mundu).

And that is not all, as part of the design feature some saris have tasselled pallavs.

The saris and the White Gold collection are a blend of the traditional and the modern.

Apart from the White Gold collection, there are silk saris, which are part of the Karalkada Silks collection.

These saris have elaborate zari work and a variety of designs such as temple border and diamond borders. If the saris in the White Gold collection are sober, in terms of colour, then these are a riot of colour.

The innovations that Karalkada is effecting are not limited to mundu-neriyathu, veshtis and saris, they are collection of salwar kurta materials too and shirts for men called Karalkada Whites.

For those who love colour, take a look at the salwar-kurta materials. Prices start at around Rs 350.

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