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Cutting out the clutterAnd presenting relevant information

Cutting out the clutterAnd presenting relevant information  

Sunena Saigal and Priyanka Sehgal curate kid-friendly activities and content for parents

The charm of long weekends wear off pretty quickly if you have to think up ways to keep cranky kids entertained. Help is here in the form of Buzzing Bubs by Sunena Saigal and Priyanka Sehgal.

Launched this April, Buzzing Bubs is a platform for parents who want to make the time spent with their children fun, meaningful and memorable. Their goal is to provide varied content so that parents would find their niche area of interest. The founders’ objective is to make it more interactive, where a section of their audience gives their feedback and even become contributors if they came across a great idea.

This is the duo’s maiden venture. While Priyanka is an interior designer who has previously worked for a lighting consultancy firm, Sunena comes with ample experience in Human Resources. Speaking of why these two mothers decide to put together the unique project, Sunena says: “Our sons are around the same age and we were bringing them up in a new city. We did endless research from thinking of fun things to do on weekends to deciding on where to holiday or planning the perfect birthday party. We found that there was enormous satisfaction in doing things right, but paucity of specific information available at the right time to was frustrating. A lot of generic commercial information was broadly available from various sources but we felt they lacked that local and personal touch. Having gone through various available materials, we felt that there was room for a medium which would give a different and refreshing experience to parents.”

What sets them apart from other websites that list events happening around town is that “we cut out the noise and curate information which is useful from a parents’ perspective,” Priyanka says, adding: “Whether it’s recommending the most kid-friendly restaurants or the 10 best cupcake stores in Bangalore, we’ve captured and highlighted information that parents care about and gives them a clear picture at a glance. We have paid special attention to make sure that our site is completely responsive to mobile devices as more than 60 per cent of our users access content on their phones/tabs. Also our contributors are from different walks of life and, have helped to create holistic, well rounded content. Our aim is to give emphasis to quality over quantity while we explore every area of relevance in this domain. Apart from the two of us, we have a content editor and a designer on board.”

As a startup, they have their fair share of challenges and it takes even more care and effort since their endeavour involves children and their parents. Sunena says: “Lots of behind-the-scenes work goes into each article. The biggest challenge is to make sure we research every detail so that we can put a balanced and true picture. Also, since kids interests change on a daily basis, finding relevant content can be challenging.”

Looking forward, the duo say they want to cover the needs of parents in Bangalore in depth and thereafter take it to other major cities in India. They are also looking at expanding their contributor base so there's a diversity in content for their users.

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