What's in a name?

Delicious dishes... at the Pasta & Noodles Shop. Pic by S. R. Raghunathan

Delicious dishes... at the Pasta & Noodles Shop. Pic by S. R. Raghunathan  

POSTERS OF pop star Madonna adorn the walls of many a corporate office. Simply because she is the queen of the image makeover. For, who else can come up with a `Re-Invention' world tour and sell tickets within minutes of the sales opening when younger singers cancel tours due to poor public response? Who else can go successfully from `sex and erotica' to children's literature?

I hope you catch the drift when I say that the Cake Walk team has a done a Madonna. The old Sage and Onion on the Second Avenue, Besant Nagar, has become the Pasta & Noodles Shop. But here, the change is confined to the contents alone. The look, muted lime green and yellow interiors, remains the same.

The Cake Walk management has simply gone with the flow and added the much-in-demand Chinese section. Actually the change goes deeper than that. The Continental section too has been improved. The evergreen burgers and sandwiches (baguettes) remain at the same average point.

The starters

It is with the starters and main courses that the graph climbs. Tofu pepper and onion (Rs. 60) was an eye opener. It is not easy to keep fried tofu fingers soft and moist. It gets even better when the yummy bean curd sticks come smeared with the peppery masala.

The next starter, crostino di dolo (Rs. 60), was a total contrast. No aggressive pepper here, just a gentle herb-seasoned minced chicken on bread. Yet the cheese-meat-bread was equally impressive.

The main courses, cottage cheese steak (Rs.90) and grilled lamb chops (Rs. 120) turned out well.

The paneer patty was simply scrumptious. My mouth floods at the thought of those buttery lamb chops.

It would have been better had there been less of pepper. A bit of seasoning, dash of olive oil and salt on the vegetables will perhaps make the platter more interesting.


Freshly made praline with vanilla ice cream in the nutty treat (Rs. 55) was magical. I could breathe easy only when the date pancake (Rs. 60) arrived.

Aha, here is something at last for me to pick on! The pancake tasted and felt more like a samosa wrap. On that `satisfying' note, I finished the meal.


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