What looks good on me?

I grow old...

I shall wear the bottoms of my trouser rolled. Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? I shall wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach. - T.S. Eliot (The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock).

WAKING UP to comfort yourself and your wardrobe each morning brings about new challenges and the questions remains -- what looks good on me?

The first rule of fashion says, suit yourself. The key to building a solid, enduring wardrobe is to purchase clothing that suits you -- that complements your body type. Dressing for your body type remains the most important strategy in fashion. In accordance with Mark Twain, clothes make the man. Nobody's perfect. The right clothing can mask our physical flaws and highlight the positive. The short thin man can make himself look taller and heavier. The fat man can tip the scale in the opposite direction.

What looks good on me?

Here is the trick for the tall. Gain a width wise accent by stressing on horizontal lines. Stay away from pinstripes as they emphasise your narrowness. Go for jackets that accentuate width. Double-breasted jackets with sloped shoulders, loose waist and flap pockets are the right fashion solution for you. Pointers for this body type indicate patterns like windowpane plaid, checks and tweed. Three button jackets, though on top of style charts tend to lengthen the body. Avoid shirts with long pointed collars and narrow ties tied long. Try spread collars. Avoid fabrics that cling to the body. Adopt a layered look with dual shirt styling. Eschew dainty pointed shoes.

Fashion intelligence for the heavyset indicates non-bulky, smooth fabrics (avoid tweed and seersucker). Double-breasted is a hazard. Opt for notched, peaked lapels that carry the eye upward away from the waist level. Plaid is your enemy and Pinstripes your friend. Medium and dark colours are becoming. Black offers help by absorbing weight thereby lending a lean look. Chin-up in button-down, pointed collars -- your face needs the long pointed type. Wear bold ties, tied long till the waistband of your trousers. Walk in narrow-toed shoes.

Vertical Pinstripes and chalk stripes (not too widely spaced) flatter the short man. Jackets should be in dark solid colours, single breasted with long lapels, square shouldered, two or three buttoned and unflapped pockets. Avoid long jackets as shorter jackets give the appearance of long legs. Ties should be thin and trousers should be straight and slim.

Your clothes are your personal tools... they are your means of individual expression. At home, they are your way to unwind. Out of home, they are your expression of style. Appropriateness is the key to a good style.

A man must have a wardrobe that suits him and his style of living. It is a task that requires an understanding of both fashion and oneself. Strike the right chord man!


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