We can do without beeps and pings

Cell phones have come to play a major role in the communication network these days. Every second person, even students, carry these gadgets to their schools or colleges. While there is no denying the fact that they help people stay connected to their near and dear ones, they have their banes too. A lot of misuse of cell phones goes on unabated. For a student, their only role is to create disturbance on the campus. In addition to the phones being the cause of many road mishaps, they are provocation enough for the youth to indulge in hi-tech eve-teasing by using the facilities provided in them. Moreover, it has been scientifically proved that these electronic gadgets can be really harmful to health. In this backdrop, allowing students to carry them to their educational institutions would certainly not be a wise decision.

Kunapareddy Rajeswari Deepthi Sampath Nagar, Guntur.

We can do without beeps and pings

Cell phones should be banned in Colleges. One wonders where is the need to carry cell phones to classrooms by students. Students ought to concentrate on their lessons while in their college. It is ridiculous to witness some students fuming at the decision to impose a ban on their use. If they feel that they cannot do without these phones, they could very well head towards a park and indulge in chatting with their dear ones to their heart's content. Why using educational institutions for the purpose. Parents have a major role to play in making their wards follow the niceties attached to certain formalities.

P.M.Yashwanth, Vijayawada.

We can do without beeps and pings

Yes, cell phones should be banned in colleges. While their use by office-goers, traders and businessmen could be fully justified, the idea of allowing students to take them to their colleges, somehow, sounds impractical. Cashing in on the craze for the electronic gadgets among the students, especially the college-goers, the various cell phone companies are raking in moolah by introducing special packages like Student Power for them. Considering them as a mark of sophistication, some of the college-going students hailing from middle class households have been wreaking havoc at home to secure them. Realising the seriousness of the problem, the authorities concerned should not spare a second thought for imposing a ban on them.

R.V.Raghava Satya Kumar, Career Degree College, Guntur.

Imposing a ban on cell phones is necessary. More so because these gadgets are being flaunted by a section of the students as status symbol, causing a heartburn to those who cannot afford them. Besides, cell phones have other disadvantages too.

We can do without beeps and pings

Their constant ring tones in public places are assuming the proportion of a menace. Though the decision to ban use of cell phones has been taken, I have my own doubts if it would be implemented in its true perspective.

K.Jayanth, Srinivasa College, Vuyyuru.

Yes, cell phones must go from the campus. A lot of misuse of these phones is proving to be problematic, especially for girls. The gadgets are used to make phoney calls while the several other facilities available in it help the users indulge in dirty pranks, which at times, cross the margin of decency. Moreover, since there is no effective mode to check the misuse, the best solution is to discard them.

S.Vamsi Sushma, VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru Vijayawada.

Cell phones should be banned in colleges because most of the students make use of them only to keep a tab on cricket score, play games or messaging which are not of serious nature. The practice is bound to leave an adverse impact on their academic performance. I feel exemptions could be considered for exceptional cases where a student stays away from his parents. I fall in this category. The managements should ensure that the instruments are not put to use during study hours. Constructive use of anything should not be banned.

M.Karthik, Vijayawada.

Do students really need cell Phones? Obviously not. The ring of a cell phone while a class is in progress could be the most upsetting thing, for the students in the classroom as well as the lecturers.

The exciting games available in it are temptation enough for many to bunk classes and while away precious time not to forget the unending and unproductive chatting sessions on the campus. This is a very unhealthy trend, which needs to be ended at the earliest.

V.Nikhita, Brodipet, Guntur.

Not necessary. Gone are the days when cell phone were considered to be a status symbol. They are now bare necessities. The authorities concerned should adopt a more rationale way on the issue by restricting their use in certain places like classrooms. Ring tones could be banned and the idea should be to prevent waste of time.

Habeeb Ahmed, Vijayawada.

Cell phones today are the most effective mode of communication. There are two sides of a coin. For example, internet can transform us to a whole new world of information technology while there is this flip side of it. A section of people use this mode to indulge in pornography.

Should we then ban internet simply because it also includes pornographic web sites? Cell phones have changed the phase of Indian society to a large extent. Students comprise a part of this society and therefore, reserve the right to enjoy them on par with others.

Of course, college managements are free to deal firmly with individual cases but imposing a blanket ban is not fair.

A. Jitendra, Vijayawada.

Safety and security are terms that need to be redefined by the law enforcers in the city limits in the wake of Sri Lakshmi's murder case. Allowing cell phones inside the campus is nothing short of a ridiculous situation. This is certainly not a sign of progress and needs to be done away with. After all, life means much more than cell phones. There are more serious things to handle for the students in the coming days. They should instead try to focus on their academic career.

Gita, Machilipatnam.

Youth always seek new trends of fashion and something innovative to flaunt. We, the students of Vijayawada city, cannot afford to ask for bigger luxuries like pubs or discotheques. Cell phone is the minimum we need to stay connected with each other in this busy world.

Why magnify the small disadvantages attached to the mode when you have so much advantage from it. The colleges could perhaps think of imposing a partial ban by disallowing their use inside a classroom.

L.Usha, Ramanaidupet, Machilipatnam

Whoever says cell phones cannot be blamed for vitiating the atmosphere of a college campus must be either lying or trying to be put forth their snobbish side. Youth is the most vulnerable stage in life where a person could get attracted to anything within no time.

We can do without beeps and pings

There is no denying the fact that cell phones are a mark of revolution in the information and technology field. But what purpose could they serve for a student on the campus except for wasting his precious time by chatting with friends or sending SMS messages? So, go ahead and ban them.

P.N.S.Radha Krishna, ICFAI National College (MBA), Vijayawada

We can do without beeps and pings

Cell phones should be banned in colleges because they create a lot of nuisance in the campus. Generally, students are found playing video games in classrooms and making blank calls to their friends of the same class, all for the heck of it. Imagine how disturbing a loud ring tone could be when a class is in progress. Students could be allowed to keep cell phones but should be asked to switch them off once they enter their campus.

A.Ravi Kumar, MBA 1st Year, ICFAI National Colleges

We can do without beeps and pings

As a student, I would love to carry a cell phone in my pocket to college. I remember playing games on it which is my favourite pastime when I was doing engineering course. Interestingly, I was doing this despite a ban on their use by the college management. One cannot stop the students from carrying their phones to their colleges. All you could do is prohibit them from using them inside a classroom.

T.Pradeep, MBA 1st Year, ICFAI National College

We can do without beeps and pings

Cell phones are meant for people who are constantly on move and must remain in contact with others. College students don't need to have them for they cause distraction of concentration. Except for flaunting status, they don't serve any other purpose. I thus, strongly oppose the idea of allowing students to take mobile phones to their educational institutions.

N.Harini, M.B.A. 1st Year, ICFAI National College. Vijayawada

We can do without beeps and pings

These days, cellular phones have become a fashion for the youth. They find it is difficult to manage without it. Attending to a call in a classroom in the presence of your lecturer tantamount to insulting him or her. One should have the minimum courtesy to respect their teacher by not using phones at least during their presence in the class. I, therefore, want them to be banned.

Ch.N.P.Madan Prasad, ICFAI National College Vijayawada

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