Watch it

WATCHES ARE no longer mere time machines. They reflect your personality, so choose your watch with care.

Watches range from the most `sci-fi' to the most `formal'. Get `handcuffed' in a macro dial time machine. It has a stopwatch function and comes with an accurate timer for recording time.

Watches with `dual time' facility enables you to set the time of another country. Sports watches are in vogue and are available in trendy colour schemes and heavier looks. These wrist watches also have functions such as alarm and stopwatch.

Watch it

These accessories are available in colours that range from the rustic to vibrant, dull to bright. From deep tan, olive, navy to lighter camel and pale white - it's all part of the fashion stable.

Be it muted mahogany or bright reds, wear your style with confidence. Gents watches are available in an array of colours like never before. The style charts hint at a blend of leather and steel, which exudes a soft yet macho look.

Watches are carriers of a personal style statement. So, go ahead and make the right statement this season.


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