Wait, before you run

HIGH-VOLTAGE action hero — that's Abhishek Bachchan's latest screen-image. Take Zameen for a sampler. The frames are filled with chaotic fight sequences featuring the Bachchan Jr. Has co-star Ajay Devgan's magic rubbed off on him too? "Well... hits or flops don't matter. For if an actor is filled with such anguish, it kills professionalism," says Abhishek, who is yet to give a runaway hit. If Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost opposite Lara Dutta was a damp squib, his Kuch Na Kaho with Ash wasn't exciting either. But don't we know that papa Bachchan also took his time to prove himself? It wasn't before a string of flops that the star in Zanjeer blazed the screen in 1973! The junior, however, is also excited about his no-nonsense image in Boney Kapoor's Run. Abhishek is prepared to wait. No running away from reality, he says.

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