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TRAFFIC diversions should not be allowed during VIP visits as they affect the common public.

However, traffic can be stopped for a few minutes before such visits, instead of blocking roads for hours together.

Harini Prasanna Nirmala College for Women

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NORMAL life is thrown out of gear by traffic diversions during VIP visits.

The vexed policemen direct their ire on the public. Besides inconveniencing the public, such diversions cause traffic jams in many places.

Anjali Radhakrishnan Gandhipuram

A VIP convoy can avoid arterial roads. By reducing the number of vehicles in the convoy, the time of the blockade can be reduced.

R Yugesh PSGCAS Hostel

TRAFFIC diversions are unnecessary. VIPs can abide by the traffic rules while security arrangements can be in place without much ado.

S Venkatachalam Kavundampalayam

EARLIER, VIP visits were few and far between. So, people did not mind waiting.

Now, the frequency of such visits has increased and as a result people have started viewing it as a nuisance.

G E M Manoharan Vadavalli

SUDDEN diversion and traffic hold-ups for long hours may lead to road rage. This would result in accidents.

I Mohamed Haroon Basha

Final B E (Mech), VLB Janakiammal Engineering College

ONE way of overcoming the problem is to enhance security for the visiting VIP.

Arvind Morarji Oppanakara Street

EVERYONE is aware that traffic diversion is inevitable.

People will cooperate voluntarily if the authorities avoid this exercise during peak hours.

Sandhya Nagarajan Thudiyalur

IN the present circumstances, it is essential to provide extra security to visiting VIPs.

Though traffic diversion is a big nuisance to the public, it has become inevitable. Since both the problems have to be addressed, an immediate solution cannot be found.

The public should bear the not-so-frequent inconvenience.

Radha Devi B Lecturer in Mathematics, Nirmala College for Women

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TRAFFIC regulation goes for a toss when VIPs descend.

Imagine the plight of newcomers to the city, persons in need of medical care and those who have to attend important meetings on that day.

Sangeetha P III B A (Sociology), PSG College of Arts and Science

HELIPADS can be built at strategic locations in the city and connected to special VIP routes.

This will not hinder the movement of normal traffic. On normal days, the common public can use these routes.

N Balasubramanian Thudiyalur

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IF VIPs travel without much fuss and sans a cavalcade, no one will know who is in the vehicle.

They can go wherever they want, without troubling the public.

A Jude Jebri Raj


UNNECESSARY rehearsals for traffic diversions should be avoided.

Important places can be linked, which would help avoid traffic diversions, besides making way for smooth movement of VIP convoys.

T N Raghavendran GCT

A VIP should be given protection and security, but not at the expense of public movement.

On the day of our Chief Minister's visit to the city, many schools declared a holiday, which is very wrong.

Lalitha K Raman Race Course

IN Coimbatore, we have very few arterial roads.

As a result, the travelling public is put to more hardship during VIP visits.

Though alternate arrangements are put in place by diverting traffic, the roads remain congested.

S V Balasubramanian Vadavalli

UNLESS people look at public figures as their representatives and not as Gods, they will have to put up with all the inconveniences caused.

V Harish Kovaipudur

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LAST month, I was in Singapore and there were no traffic diversions for VIP visits.

Neither were vehicles stopped nor did police personnel line the streets. People should be allowed to carry on their work in a normal manner.

A Jayaharan Rathinapuri

PEOPLE must realise the security threat faced by VIPs and cooperate during temporary traffic diversions and security checks.

P K Kochukuttan Rathinapuri

WHEN the common people have to encounter unruly traffic and badly maintained roads in daily life, it is preposterous that the elected representatives enjoy special privileges.

Captain K Vasudevan Ramnagar

IN the neighbouring state of Kerala, traffic diversions for VIP visits are rare.

Only the pilot vehicle goes in front sounding its siren to warn the public about VIP movement.

Such a system can be followed in Tamil Nadu.

T V Kalyanam Ramnagar

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PERHAPS the vanity of our VIPs may get affected if such diversions are not allowed. They preach public interest, but end up practising public nuisance.

V V Ramakrishnan Parsn Complex, Nanjundapuram Road

THIS problem is rather complicated. Some of the factors to be considered are the status of the dignitary, traffic density and availability of local traffic regulatory personnel.

George Mathew

PSG Estate Colony

AT times, people are caught in the middle of a traffic block and are not even able to take diversions. Though such diversions cannot be avoided due to security reasons, at least the duration can be reduced.

Kirupa S Gandhipuram

EVEN the interventions of courts and reprimands have failed to have any effect on the rulers of the day.

R Ramasubramanian Vadavalli

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SCHOOL-going children and parents who have to pick up their kids are not able to reach school in time due to diversions. The kids start crying if they do not get picked up in time.

Wg. Cdr. M L Rangarajan Coimbatore