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I have recently purchased a Skoda Laura A/T, but after three weeks of driving I am unhappy with its ride quality. The car seems rather bumpy even on very slightly rough roads and one would expect better shock absorption from a car in its class. I am considering replacing it with the Skoda Superb diesel. As I drive around 100 km daily, I want diesel power - decent fuel economy along with good features. What do you suggest?Sachin, via emailThe poor ride quality in the Laura is due to its tyres, which have a 55 profile and hence a relatively short sidewall - these can't absorb bumps well. You could try reducing tyre pressure by 1 psi - this will improve low speed ride and will work for city driving. However, please don't forget to increase the pressure if you are driving at high speeds or on the highway. The Superb will be much more comfortable than the Laura, both in terms of space, ride and overall comfort. However, it is also stiffly sprung and you might find some low speed harshness in it as well. Our advice is to test drive the Superb and see if you are satisfied with the way it drives. Also, its V6 turbo-diesel is much nicer to drive than the Laura's four-cylinder motor and though the Superb is a big car, it has effortless performance that the Laura can't match. My 1999 Tata Indica has gradually developed corrosion on all doors and window frames. This process of corrosion began in 1999 itself. I neglected the tiny bubble spots, but now the corrosion areas have expanded and holes have developed. Will the company replace the doors since the warranty period is over?R Chhada, via emailSince your warranty has run out, the company will replace the doors but you will have to pay for the replacement. Had you brought this problem to the dealer's notice as soon as the corrosion started, you might have been able to get the doors replaced under warranty - but this is unlikely now. Still, try and persuade the dealer to give you new doors as a goodwill gesture. I am the proud owner of a TVS Apache that I've had for the last nine months. Now the question is this - even though it comes with an electric starter, I almost always end up using the kick-starter. Will this lead to any problems in the future? Shankar, MaduraiNow, the idea of a self-starter is to use it - it's all right to use the kicker if you're starting the engine for the first time in a day - especially on a cold morning, but otherwise, do make use of a great facility that the bike comes with - the thumb-starter. Not using it could lead to problems in the long run - the starter motor might end up failing due to disuse.Write in with your queries to

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