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Car and bike questions? We have the answers I do an average of 50km per day in my Santro LS, which I bought three years ago. I want to invest in a diesel car. Which according to you is the best diesel in the market right now?

A Saket

Considering you use your car more within a city environment, it is best if you invest in a small diesel car. The Swift diesel is a nice car to drive, with an engine which is a technological gem. It is also fuel efficient and comes with the peace of mind that is usually associated with Maruti ownership.

I have a budget of Rs 10 lakh -15 lakh and am confused about whether to buy an Accord, Sonata or Octavia. I drive 40km in and around the city per day. I would like a car that is spacious and performs well. Please suggest which I should choose.


The Honda Accord is a very comfortable car and if you have a driver, it takes care of driving within the city. The Sonata, though a very good car in its own right, does not match up to what the Accord offers and the Octavia isn’t the most comfortable car in this segment.

I plan to buy a new bike that will perform well and has decent mileage and is stylish. I have short-listed the Pulsar, Apache and Unicorn. Kindly advice.

Yok Anand

We suggest you go with the Honda Unicorn. It has been recently revamped and comes fully loaded with features such as disc brake, alloy wheels, electric start etc. In addition, it has the advantage of a monoshock rear suspension, which is really good for handling.

I am planning to buy a 150cc bike. I am confused between the CBZ Xtreme and the Pulsar. I want to know which of the two has better performance, power, and which has low maintenance even after several years. I travel a round 60km per day.

Shrijit S

Between the Pulsar and the CBZ Xtreme, it’s a hard call, as both are very good bikes. In the end, it is best you try both for yourself, although Hero Honda does have a good reputation for solid build quality. On the performance and fuel efficiency front, they are very evenly matched.

I recently purchased a Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme motorcycle. The OE tyres on the vehicles are MRF Nylogrip Zapper FS, 2.75 x 18 – 42 P on the front and MRF Nylogrip Zapper Y, 100/90 x 18 – 56 P on the back. The recommended air pressure for solo riding is 25 PSI for the front tyre and 29 PSI for the back tyre. With a pillion, the back tyre pressure is 33 PSI. I usually ride solo, with 29 PSI air pressure in the back tyre. The back tyre has a Tuff Up tube. My problem is, while negotiating a curve, especially to the right, I feel a lack of grip for the front tyre, with a skiddy feel. For my body weight of 70kg, is the air pressure adequate or should I reduce it? Also, which is the best tyre available in India that could provide the maximum grip for the front and back wheels of my bike? Francis Placidus

The MRF tyres your bike is shod with are proven to be reliable performers. Also, the tyre pressures mentioned are correct and match your body weight perfectly. What you do need to get checked however is the wheel alignment and the front fork. Have both checked and adjusted if necessary at a qualified Hero Honda service centre. This should eliminate the nervy front end feeling and inspire you to corner faster.

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