Veterans' comeback

VISUAL MUSIC Vipindas in discussion with director K. S. Shaiju (left) and music director A. Ramachandran

VISUAL MUSIC Vipindas in discussion with director K. S. Shaiju (left) and music director A. Ramachandran  

Veterans, cinematographer Vipindas and music director A. Ramachandran, join in the making of a new musical album

Colours, scents, images appear as tones and their intermingling turns in clear, pristine music. Camera frames that capture the variegated moods of people, the shades and scents of nature take the form of musical tones. And what these many frames transfer is inspired, nostalgic music. After a long hiatus celebrated cinematographer Vipindas trains his lens to capture every mood created by the musical notes of veteran composer A. Ramachandran in what should be a truly enchanting musical album.

"This is the first time I'm working in a musical album. But let me tell you it was a rewarding experience. Music is nothing but external meditation. Closing your eyes and listening to soothing, harmonious music is surely effective. I listened to the two songs very carefully before proceeding to shoot the visuals," says Vipindas.

The album `Ente Keralam,' being brought out by HMV-Saregama, will be released in the first week of September. The prominent Malayalam television channels, including Doordarshan, by the last week of August, will air the two songs that have been pictured. "This has been my dream project. I have been at it at least for the last four years. It took me nearly two years to compose the tunes for Salahuddin Kecheri's lines. There are eight songs in this album, rendered by Unni Menon, Biju Narayanan and Sujatha. Along with them there are a few young singers, Arun, Balaram, Meera, Rajeswari, Keerthi and Roopa, my students, have also sung in the album," says Ramachandran, who began his career as music director in the landmark film `Newspaper Boy' nearly five decades ago.

One song that is sure to catch attention is the one beginning `Thumbi thumbi thumbapoovin... ' rendered by two little kids, Mithun Dev and Parvathy. "This one is done in true folk style. The other songs too have a strong folk touch to it but are firmly raga-rooted," elaborates Ramachandran.

Though only two songs have been visualised at present there are plans to make this into a video album.

The team chose picturesque locations like the small village of Poolany near Chalakudy, where they found a little temple in the midst of vast, lush green paddy fields, old `tharavadus' with canals, country boats at Edavanakkad and Thathappally in Vypeen.

"We went about picturising the two songs in a truly professional manner. A full storyboard was prepared with visuals prepared for every line, in fact even for every note in the songs. We have taken around 154 shots and we will be using all of them. All the shots are new and we will not be using any stock shots in the video. Based on the feedback of the songs we will turn them into a full fledged video album," informs K. S. Shaiju, who has directed the video version of the songs.


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