Vegetarian flavours

For the Chinese, food is not just for the stomach, it's also for the soul. Shanghai Club, the Chinese restaurant at Chola Sheraton, celebrates the Arhat way of life with what it calls `divine' vegetarian fare. Arhat means the `perfected one' or the one who has overcome desires and attained nirvana.

Over the centuries, the Chinese have perfected the art of cooking up vegetarian delicacies from sweet and sour to hot and spicy. The emphasis is on fresh vegetables and protein-rich ingredients.

Some of the specialities at the Arhat fest are golden fried eggplant stuffed with tofu in chilli sauce, gong bao chestnuts, braised ridge gourd with mushrooms in soya sauce (Beijing style), braised white pumpkins with black mushrooms, and three root vegetables Shangdong style.

The Arhat fest, served for dinner, is on till August 29. For reservations, call 28110101.

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