Useful on foreign soil

FROM MY experience I find packaged tours to be light on ones purse and worth every rupee spent. My wife and me undertook a packaged tour of "14 days of European Adventure", an adventure indeed, through land and sea. Our group consisting of 40 tourists and a tour director took the ferry at Dover and reached Calais 90 minutes later where a luxury bus was waiting for us to take us on a 5300 km trip across France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. We were able to see many places of interest, stayed in cities existed only in the atlas and history books which we studied while we were in school. The hotels where we stayed each night were either 3 or 4 star hotels which otherwise would have been beyond our reach had we gone on our own. At Florence, Rome, Vienna, Salzburg, Cologne and Paris, we had professional guides to show us around. Another advantage of the tour is that we do not have to stand in queue to buy entrance tickets. Everything is already paid for and the tour director handles it. Our bus journey was not at all tiring and the tour director did everything to see that each one of us was comfortable. In fact, we did not have to worry about anything.

B.S Dharmaraj


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