Unusual range

NATURALLY AUROVILLE on 30, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, always has something unusual to offer. This festive season, it has come up with a range of handmade paper products, which are not only aesthetic but also functional.

Sheets of thick handmade wrapping paper have the imprint of real leaves in natural shades. Paper from the pith of bamboo and banana has a grainy texture, and this has been made into unique gift boxes, with the lid having a curly coconut top as knob. Inside are sheets of writing paper, envelopes, a joss-stick holder in the form of a carved wooden leaf, a pack of joss sticks and a small memo book.

Also available are gift packs of leaf imprinted envelopes and paper in single sets, notebooks, cards, photo frames, large folios and elegant shopping bags — all made of the same patterned paper in varying thickness. These gifts are sure to go a long way in reviving the art of letter writing.

For more information, dial 8217517.


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