Unrequited love?

ONE SIDED? It's a problem that many face

ONE SIDED? It's a problem that many face  

What you can do when the person you love does not reciprocate your feelings

This article is dedicated to all those who mailed me over the one year I've been writing this column. And to all those who have received a reply to the problem that seems to plague their existence, which is: You like a girl but she ignores you though she knows you like her. This, my friends, is one-sided love, and this column is for you. The mails I receive are sometimes so similar that I've more or less memorised the opening lines... "Dear Craig. I'm in school (or anywhere else in Chennai) and I love this girl. She knows I love her but does not respond. What do I do?" Well, boys, here's what you have to do. Leave that poor child alone and move along with your broken heart because it's not really broken. You're just breaking it by doing stupid things like chasing someone and forcing her to like you, like you've seen in that one thousandth film. In fact, you're not even in love! It's called a crush. I know it's a new term to someone who knows only one term for fondness and liking, but it's true. So don't run after that poor girl in your neighbourhood. Because you may be many things but being in love isn't one of them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are people out there who will literally stalk women, claiming they're in love with them. And that's not all they'll do. The worst is when they start cutting themselves and writing the names of these girls on their wrists and God knows where else. To you, all I have to say is, "Seek professional help!" You're crazy and that's all there is to it. So, stop harassing women and making yourself more confused than you already are. Because, if you don't stop now, then the police will see to it that it is stopped one way or the other.

The other kind

And there is the other kind who will try to convince a girl that she is supposed to be in love with them by showing her that they're the nicest persons in the whole world. The kind that will try everything from just being her friend to following her to see she gets home safe, to defending her from everything even though she's the stupidest thing to ever do her job. To you, all I have to say is men everywhere are laughing at the fact that you've now become more desperate than a man in the desert looking for water. Please move on and realise that you're being a disgrace to mankind. Because it's fine if the woman accepts. But if that's a myth, then it's time to get rid of the fantasy. Send in your queries to >

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