Under a new roof

Ogaan shifts location but retains its defining style

Ogaan, one of India's leading fashion houses, has recently opened its third outlet. Shifting its existing store to a bigger one within Khan market, Kavita Bhartia, owner of the store, says, "Ogaan has been doing well. Its sales have gone up. So I needed a larger space to expand my work."To celebrate its opening, the new Ogaan store assembled the works of various leading designers like Ashish Soni, Anamika Khanna, Madhu Jain and Peachy Bawa besides Bhartia's. "Ogaan is a multi brand store and it mainly promotes Indian designs," says Bhartia. Ashish Soni's collection includes a range of frilled tops and skirts, somewhat reminiscent of the early English period. Yet he maintains that it's the look of the "Pretty European girls who became firangi bahus and begums." Soni's collections are in chocolate and grey shades. He says, "They are popular colours now and my clothes are mainly for those who want to try out different styles and not just stick to one."Madhu Jain has come up with a range of Indian clothes with skirts and Kalamkari bags. They are all craft based. About her display Jain says, "It's part of my effort to revive the dying Indian crafts. I have worked for years with weavers in rural places. So it's very Indian in terms of style and material."Designer Peachy Bawa has brought out a range of handbags that are highly fashionable and very innovative as well. Some of the bags have crocodile and python prints worked on leather. She says, "These prints are very popular among fashion conscious people outside the country. And it's catching up in India too."Bawa says her bags are for very fashionable, upmarket, businesswomen. "But there are casual bags too," she reassures us.