Two's company

IT'S HARD enough for children to learn to share their dolls and dump trucks with each other, but when they also share a room, sibling squabbles can really escalade. To help your children become better roommates, follow these tips. Let them decide together how to decorate the room. As your children pick out paint colour and posters and negotiate the best way to arrange the beds, they'll learn teamwork — maybe even get to know each other better.

Set the rules about what's shared property and what's not. Give each child a sibling-free zone — a toy chest, bookshelf or closet that's all his or hers.

Stagger bedtimes so each child gets time alone with you. Tuck your younger child in first with a bedtime story, then spend some quiet time with your older child before it's time for lights out. Hold your children jointly responsible for cleaning up their own messes. Your older child won't grow up feeling responsible for everyone else, and your younger won't escape responsibility altogether.


* Herbs may pack a big anti-cancer punch. A recent study indicates that oregano is high in antioxidants (which may help prevent cancer). One tablespoon of the fresh herb has 12 times more antioxidant actively than an orange.

*Having surgery? Stop smoking first. Another reason to kick the habit: researchers found that patients who stopped smoking 6 to 8 weeks before surgery had significantly fewer complications compared to patients who didn't quit the habit, including fewer healing problems and fewer second surgeries. They also went home sooner.

(Ladies Home Journal)

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