Two for Tea

Some good news for tea lovers of the city. Passion, My Cup of Tea, has just opened its second outlet in New Delhi. While the first outlet is at Vasant Vihar, this second Passion was inaugurated at Saket with a play based on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The glass encased 35-seater outlet with white interiors overlooks a pleasant garden. Its tin roof is reminiscent of a typical chai shop. The outlet also provides both sit-out and drive-in facilities. Customers can drive in front of the parlour and have their orders delivered to the car.

Passion, My Cup of Tea serves an array of teas, enriched with flavours like cinnamon, mocha, lemon and others. One of the favourite teas here is the hibiscus iced tea. One can have hazelnut and almond chai, masala chai, etc. The distinctive combination of coffee with tea can be experienced with a frappatea, or one could ask for the juiced teas available in many flavours.

With the opening of the new outlet, a range of new eatables has been introduced, like chutney spirals, vada pau spirals, blueberry cheesecake, carrot muffin and vegetable waffle toast.

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