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First move Yashwant

First move Yashwant  

Young actor Yashwanth shows confidence as he sets foot in Telugu films

“There is always room for one more actor here,” quips Yashwanth at his Film Nagar residence with a confident smile. The up and coming hero with three releases under his belt calls himself a lead actor instead of a hero. “The heroes are the producer who invests the money and the director who makes the film. The actors are merely guided by the director to perform. Since I play the lead role I am a lead actor. That’s it,” justifies the 22-year-old actor.

Though Yashwanth made his debut with Prema Charitra, his first release was a Kannada film, Abhinandane, directed by P. N. Ramachandra Rao. “It is a remake of the Telugu musical love story Abhinandana. I replayed the role enacted by Tamil actor Karthik (Murali for Telugu audience) in the original version. Anjali Devi’s grand daughter with similar name was the heroine.” The film was well received and won Yashwanth critical acclaim. He also received the best debut actor award from Karnataka Telugu Association in 2005.

“The Association honoured three film personalities during the Ugadi celebrations that year. Seniors Rajendra Prasad, Sumalatha and the third, yours truly,” smiles Yashwanth.

The youngster, apart from the awards and accolades, received quite a few offers from Kannada producers as well. “But my heart is in Telugu cinema. Though Prema Charitra was completed long ago, due to some problems it is yet to be released. Madhu Sharma and I made our Telugu debuts. It is a love story directed by Arjun with Krishna and Nagendra Babu in key roles.” Interestingly, while his first Kannada film was produced and directed by Telugus, his debut Telugu film was produced and directed by Kannadigas. Yashwanth did not crib about it but waited for the right break till Aa Roje came his way. The comedy-crime thriller set against a forest backdrop has Brahmanandam in a major role. “I benefited a lot by acting with him, especially regarding the timing in comedy. He and Krishna Bhagawan gave me valuable tips during the shoot,” he says. Aa Roje recently completed its 50 day run.

The tall and lanky actor had his training in acting under the famous Asha Chandra Acting Academy in Mumbai and also trained under Satyanand of Vizag and veteran actor Kakarala in Chennai.

He picked up filmy dance movements from Lawrence’s dancing school and learnt fights from Nandu Master, an assistant to fight Master Vijay. Yashwanth after graduation had done a diploma in fashion designing in NIFT before setting his eyes on action career. Not in a hurry to make it big over night (“for I want to have long innings”), Yashwanth is banking on his next two releases – K. Vasu’s Gaji Biji and Krushi, directed by Sivaji Prasad.

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