Timers at traffic signals

TIMERS no doubt help in regulating traffic. However, awareness about traffic rules is very low and people follow them only if a traffic policeman is present at the junctions.

But, the timers also have a flip side. People end up wasting time unnecessarily when the traffic is lean.

V Savitha II MCA, SNR Sons College

EVEN those who violate rules are forced to stop their vehicles at signals. Apart from saving fuel, timers help transform the attitude of motorists.

Timers at traffic signals

K Hariharan Thadagam Road

TIMERS allow motorists to relax, as they know the duration of their wait at signals.

B Radha Devi Lecturer, Nirmala College for Women

TRAFFIC timers are good substitutes for traffic policemen. They help avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, they are not in working order in many places.

Sangeetha P III B A (Sociology), PSG College of Arts and Science

WE can't say that timers have reduced traffic congestion. But once motorists get accustomed to them, the traffic police will need to intervene only if there is a violation.

G E M Manoharan Vadavalli

THE timers have to be synchronised taking into account the flow of traffic and the distance from one signal to the other. This will ensure free flow of traffic.

T K S Mani Advocate, Thudiyalur

A considerable number of accidents occur due to lack of discipline among motorists, especially at traffic signals. In this context, the installation of timers is commendable.

Jayasree A Lecturer, Avinashilingam University

INSTALLATION of timers has not brought about any perceptible change in the attitude of the law-breakers, who continue to cross the junction even when the red light is on.

In some timers, the Laser Electronic Display (LED) is not very visible. The traffic department should consider installing fluorescent LEDs.

S Gopalan K K Pudur

TIMERS will serve their purpose only if motorists restrain themselves from moving forward impetuously even before the green signal is out.

Jeyshree Jayaraman Avinashilingam University

INSTALLATION of timers can avoid frequent traffic snarls, especially during rush hours.

S Pravin M. Phil. Research scholar, Dept. of Economics, PSG College of Arts and Science

TIMERS could increase the risk of accidents at road junctions as motorists tend to drive rashly when they know they only have a few seconds left to cross the signal. Motorists who decide to speed through the junction will subject pedestrians to greater danger.

K G Purnima Department of Microbiology, Karpagam Arts and Science College

TRAFFIC timers help us overcome anxiety. If timer lights are displayed in red for "wait" and green for "go", it will be even more convenient.

The duration of the timer should be fixed in accordance with the traffic on that direction. G Paul Suthan HOD, Computer Science and Application, CSI Bishop Appasamy College

PEDESTRIANS now have a clear idea about the time left to cross the road.

Timers at traffic signals

As the time left is displayed on the LED, they can decide their pace accordingly.

M Sathya Peelamedu

IT is a huge relief for two-wheeler riders as the drivers of heavy vehicles often keep honking at them at signals even when the red light is still on.

Kavitha Nagaraja Kavundampalayam

THE traffic police should educate the motorists about traffic timers and ask them to switch off the engines while waiting.

This will ensure tension-free and safe driving in the city. Boards displaying this appeal can also be put up.

S Nagaraja Placement Officer, Kongunadu Arts and Science College

IN addition to the timers, hidden video cameras can be put in place. This will help the law enforcing agencies spot traffic violations.

George Mathew PSG Estate Colony, Peelamedu

DRIVERS of heavy vehicles do not follow the timings shown on the signals.

This is quite dangerous and defeats the very purpose of installing timers.

B Thiagarajan Lecturer, Bioinformatics Centre, Dr G R Damodaran College of Science

IN many cases, there is no synchronisation with the other signals on the same road.

Timers at traffic signals

On Avinashi road, there are a number of traffic signals and they are set up in such a way that if a motorist is held up in one signal, he will subsequently be held up in the others too.

V Sennaraj Lecturer Department of Computer Science, Dr G R Damodaran College of Science

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