Time for adventure

GET READY for adventure next month. The Indian Tourism Festival (ITF), supported by the Commissionerate of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu, will be held at the Padmavathi Ammal Cultural Centre from October 2 to 5.

The "Born Free Adventure Club", Bangalore, will showcase adventure tourism for the first time in Coimbatore. Camping and adventure trips are quite common abroad, but they are yet to take catch on in India.

White water rafting has recently taken off in certain places in the country like Dandeli and Uttaranchal. They are to be highlighted at ITF 2003.

The four-day adventure tourism activities include rappelling (rock descending), alpine climbing, Burma Bridge, river crossing and bouncing ball. All the activities will be using ropes and shackles, barring bouncing ball. The adventure is all about bouncing on a10 ft translucent ball. It's fun, but the organisers say it is not for those with weak hearts.


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