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COCKTAIL SNACKS are always in demand. One has to use one's imagination to create tasty, small bites which can be had easily. Besides the usual wafers, canap�s, nuts (almonds, cashewnuts, peanuts) and dips there are a variety of things one can make. Here are a few snacks which have to be freshly made and served.

Yoghurt creamy dip in tarts


For the tart cases:

Plain flour - 3 cups Semolina - 1 cup Hot oil - 6 tsp Salt to taste Oil for frying.

For the Creamy yoghurt dip

Carrots (grated) - 2

Cucumber (grated) - 2 Cabbage (grated) - 1 cup Fresh thick curd - 2 cups Fresh cream - 100 gms Green chillies (finely chopped) - 2-3 Coriander leaves (finely chopped) - 2 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste A little sugar (optional)


For the tart cases:

Method: Mix the plain flour, semolina, heated oil and salt. Make a dough by adding a little water. Knead firmly. Keep aside for an hour. Roll out small puris. Press outside the tart moulds. Continue to make puris and press on the moulds. Deep fry the moulds in hot oil until the tart cases are golden brown and crispy.

Store in an air-tight container. (You can make the tart cases two days in advance).

For Creamy yoghurt dip: Take the curd in a muslin cloth and hang for about two hours.

Add salt to the grated carrot, cabbage and cucumber. Leave aside for a few minutes. Squeeze out the excess water. Mix the curd, cream, chopped green chillies, grated cabbage, carrots and cucumber, sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar (optional). Chill.

When required to serve, fill the cases with the yoghurt dip. Top it with coriander. Do not fill too many tart cases at a time as it will get soggy.

Cocktail samosas


Plain flour - 3/4 cup Semolina - 1 cup Soda bi-carb -1/2 tsp Hot oil - 2 tbsp For the filling: Paneer (grated) - 200 gms Capsicum (finely chopped) - 2 Onions (finely chopped) - 2 Green chillies (finely chopped) - 2-3 Red chilli powder (1 tsp) Turmeric powder - a pinch Garam masala - 1 tsp Oil for seasoning - 1 tbsp Salt to taste Oil for frying

Method: Mix the plain flour, semolina and soda bi-carb Rub the oil to the flour. Add a little water and make a stiff dough. Knead well.

Keep aside for 30 minutes. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add onions, green chillies and capsicum and stir-fry for a few minutes till the onions are golden brown.

Add the grated paneer, salt, red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Let it cook for a few minutes. Then add the garam masala. Remove from gas and let it cool.

Make small balls of the dough. Roll out thin puris. Then cut the puris into two. Fold each half of the puris into a triangle to form a cone. Seal the edges of the cone by applying water.

Fill the cone with the paneer filling. Make another small fold and close the cone with water. Give it a look of a samosa.

Heat the oil and deep fry the samosas on a low flame. Serve hot with tomato ketchup or a chutney of your choice.

Stuffed mushrooms


Button mushrooms - 20 Melted butter - 2 tsp Onion (finely chopped) - 1-2 tbsp Cheese (Amul - grated) - 2 tbsp Coriander leaves (chopped) - 2 tsp Ginger-chilli paste - a little Mayonnaise (optional) - 1 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Remove the stem from the mushrooms. Heat the butter.

Add the ginger-chilli paste. Fry the onions in it till light brown.

Add the grated cheese and coriander leaves. Mix well. A tablespoon of mayonnise can be added for flavour (optional). Stuff the mushrooms with the above mixture.

Arrange the stuffed mushrooms in a baking dish and bake it in an oven for five minutes.

If you have a microwave, then microwave it for two minutes.

Serve it hot.

Peanut and chana snatch


Peanuts (roasted and peeled) - 3 cups Deep fried Bengal gram dal (chana dal) - 2 cups Onion (finely chopped) - 1 Green chillies (finely chopped) - 2-3 Ginger (finely chopped) - 1 piece Coriander leaves (finely chopped)- 2-3 tbsp Gujarati sev - 1 cup Chaat masala - 2 tsp Salt to taste Juice of 2 lemons

Method: Mix all the above ingredients except sev and coriander leaves. Sprinkle sev and coriander leaves on the top just before serving.

Note: This snack should be made just before serving or it will get soggy.


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