Through a glass darkly

IN EYES lie emotions; in eyes lie attributes, in eyes lie letters of refined vision. "Take care of your eyes because you will never get another pair." This selling line of Lawrence and Mayo is a truism.

With the hole in the ozone layer allowing ultraviolet penetration into the atmosphere, sunglasses are becoming less optional for those who spend "any time" out of doors ... be it summer time or winter time.

Through a glass darkly

There are three types of ultraviolet rays. While UVC rays are harmless, UVB rays can cause irritation to the cornea and UVA rays can cause cataracts over long-term exposure. Infrared rays or the sun's heat rays in large amounts cause retail burns.

Apart from being extremely useful to the point of medical prescription, sunshades are definitive image-makers as well. Sunglasses have transformed into largest selling fashion accessory that reflects attributes that are carriers of character, personal style and mood.

Let us see what the style gallery indicates in eye wear this season. Both, macro and micro frame types are out. Opt for anything in between. This goes to say, that the frame should be just right to cover your eyes and shield them from UV rays.

Through a glass darkly

In accordance with colour and fabric predictions, black is the perfect outline colour for your eyes. Lay your hands on black semi roundals that echo tones of refinement. Crystal inset frames lend a look to match shine and shimmer in fabrics, make-up and other fashion accessories.

It is easy to charge your mood with brown rectangular frame or that new entry indicating dark navy batman series. Patterned or textured frames are an absolute disaster. Metal frames do not hold a premium rank this season.

Though, frame less versions with metal rims could be chosen. Frame types that are slightly convex, fitting you well around the eyes are still sailing smoothly.

Through a glass darkly

Green lens colour enclosed in a black frame is a recipient of maximum style points in eyewear.

Moreover, green enhances acuity of vision. Brown and brown amber lens colours also feature on style charts. It absorbs blue light, which is refracted in the air on hazy days.

Dark grey also features in the style gallery. Grey prevents distortion and colours remain true. Powder blue, pink and lilac still prevail and could be sported on nice sunny winter mornings.

Therefore, this health imperative is a boon to design. Protect your eyes and do so in style. As the future unfolds, may you see new things clearly delineated in right frames...