Those million dollar eyes

SILENT STATEMENT: Nauheed Cyrusi says it all with her eyes in New Delhi. — Photos: Rajeev Bhatt.

SILENT STATEMENT: Nauheed Cyrusi says it all with her eyes in New Delhi. — Photos: Rajeev Bhatt.  

HEARTS GO aflutter with the mischief in her eyes and gleam in her smile and the girl is familiar about her assets. Nauheed Cyrusi, the 5'3'' diminutive Zoroastrian is not just another pretty young thing. "I know my eyes speak a lot and people have told me that I am natural in front of the camera and for an actress, I suppose this a must that her body should emote," says Nauheed, whose second film "Inteha" was released this past week. Starting her career with "Supari", which viewers refused to chew, Nauheed is confident that "Inteha" will establish her as an actress in an industry where reels and new faces are competing to outnumber each other. "When Padma Kumar narrated the script to me it seemed a well fleshed character out and he had `Champion' as his last release but then I didn't understand the finer points of this trade but now I am wiser. Even otherwise whatever frames I had in `Supari' I was not criticised for the film's failure."

Talking about "Inteha", Nauheed says, "Mukeshji saw me in Kwality Walls advertisement and selected me for the role of Tina, the bratty young girl in love with debonair businessmen Ranbir Oberoi, that is Ashmit and then there is Vidya, who completes the triangle, an unusual triangle."

Those million dollar eyes

After a multitude of advertisements and a number of music videos, it was "Piya Basanti" video that put her in big league but till now she has got roles diametrically opposite to that shy, sober village belle image. "Yes, perhaps because such roles are not being written these days but given a chance I will love to do such stuff." She praises Kareena and Tabu for experimenting with roles early in their careers but is not ready to experiment herself. "Right now I am not confident enough, but say some five years from now I will definitely like to do a `Chameli' or `Astitva'."

Nauheed is doing her masters in commerce through correspondence and has perfected her jazz and aerobic skills with Shiamak Davar. "I am managing my studies and profession since 8th standard when I did the Dhara commercial," says the 20-year-old veteran of TV commercials. "Commercials train you to emote your thing in 60 seconds, so when I switched to bigger screen I found a lot of time to perform."

She admires Shirin Abadi but refuses to return to her ancestral country. "My grandfather came to India. I love the place and freedom that we enjoy here and then you never know when the U.S. bombs Iran," the meaningful smile resurfaces.

Those million dollar eyes

Nauheed will be soon seen serenading Sohail Khan and John Abraham in choreographer Ahmad Khan's "Lakeer", which also stars Sunny Deol and Suneil Shetty.

Once again a multi starrer?

"Well, I am the only girl in the film."

Indeed, Nauheed has perfected the minutiae of the profession.


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